Medium. Thinking about mediums. Medium as ‘agency’ or ‘intervening substance’; thinking about (virtual..) tools. How we hold these mediums and what we use them for. This implies a physicality; and I am wondering about grip. And what holding really means.

If medium is in the middle, then what is grip, in the out/between? Where is the gap? Is there a gap?

Maybe we are all our own medians/mediums. Caught forever in the transitory midpoint, between birth and death. Alive, in the eternal of thought. It seems, to me, that what this virtual world- for all its emptiness (maybe)- actually highlights, is the human need to express, and be heard, and be held.

But: what is grip?

Thinking about medium in the spiritual sense too; thinking about women who were killed for hearing voices and seeing visions which existed beyond this realm, in former times. This (s)witching is something to now to be reclaimed, and celebrated, I feel; the squashing and extinguishing of such knowledge and wisdom deserves to be reignited as an empowering, energising skill, and held up to the light, all these generations of women later; in the memory of those who perished for this, before us.

:Maybe we all need to ‘lose our grip’ in order to cherish what grip really means, to us. And to hold, and be held, is the surely most keenly-felt, most human of comforts.

And: I feel everyone has their own intimate sense- and intimate knowledge- of grip. I believe we don’t need intervening substances to understand this. It is beautiful; it is human. It is heartfelt. It is meant.


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